Team Building Activities

Team building helps people understand they are greater collectively than individually. By demonstrating how the planned activities translate to a particular benefit to the law firm as a whole, you can ensure their support and total buy in. The program can be placed in a familiar context, clearly drawing parallels between activities at work and the team building challenges they face.

Once again, a ‘perk’ for working in a particular company might be a luxurious travel trip or junket that could be called team building, when in reality it is a personal benefit many employees look forward to because of the great meals, resort hotel and far away location.

Team Building comes in four different types, and understanding each type is important for you to use the appropriate approach for your team with regard to the skill you want them to develop, as well as the size of the group that will undergo the activity.

Deepening communication and collaboration, learning about one another’s leadership and decision making styles, and exploring strategic approaches to quality and improvement in fun ways together can make for stronger teamwork throughout the value chain.

Without passing judgment here, it is worth mentioning that a high energy shared experience has many positive benefits such as : seeing one another in a different light than at work, creating a relaxed team building atmosphere where people might be more comfortable talking to someone at a different level in the organization, or bonding with one another because of some kind of shared activity like a softball game.

These are outcomes that weave long-term improvement into the fabric of an organisation, empowering and informing individuals and teams about why they are part of your business and how they help deliver against the short- and long-term objectives that, let’s face it, are the reason that everyone is turning up to work every day.

These programmes fall under the general co-worker welfare framework (which includes budgets and guidelines for team building) which is owned by the rewards team in HR. This framework then becomes the responsibility for the management team of each business unit to integrate into their teams.

But if you’re looking for some serious city fun close to the office, head to Marina Bay and check out Singapore’s (still secret) urban hotspot for activities that will let your team get to know one another, work better together, and have a great time.

To measure and quantify employees’ satisfaction in the organisation, IKEA uses an annual VOICE survey which all its staff participates in. On a more informal level, the organisation measures the success of its team building by the number of smiling faces, the general atmosphere in the office, laughter among the team members and how often staff go for lunch together.

The company believes that success in service delivery very much depends on the quality of the individual, teamwork and execution and the accolades that SIA earns from customers are, more often than not, the result of effective communication and smooth co-ordination across functional areas.

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